Human behaviour is often motivated by things outside of our conscious awareness. Our psychic development is not automatic – it is works through an evolutionary process. Our internal landscapes are inhabited by a multitude of unconscious thoughts and expectations deeply rooted in the early stages of our life. The solutions we found the most effective in response to challenges we face in childhood, could later transform into repetitive destructive patterns hindering our progress in life.  Emotions are also central to who we are.  They affect how we think and act in powerful ways, though they often go unnoticed.

Psychotherapy expands our capacity to understand and embrace the complexities of our mind and emotions, can help us gain a greater degree of freedom and control over our lives rather than being driven by destructive impulses


Because everyone is different my approach focuses on each person as an individual. I focus on developing an understanding the language of your internal experience and communicate it to you.  This promotes an emotion-based learning that is particularly powerful.




Over the course of therapy, we discover what holds you back, enabling you to change old patterns and find new ways of approaching and overcoming your difficulties.



This leads towards better solutions; it enables you to be better grounded and take more control over your life – a more positive experience of oneself.