It is my practice to precede the start of all psychotherapeutic work with an initial consultation. The purpose of this consultation is to provide a comprehensive assessment of your difficulties and a recommended treatment plan. Consultations generally require my meeting with you for a couple of times, after which I share my understanding of your difficulties and recommendations for treatment. 

If we decide that we wish to work together and that psychotherapy is a possible way forward for you then we will then discuss how you would like to proceed. We will agree on the number of times per week that you would like to start with and discuss the fee. We will also discuss informed consent (Please see the video below). 

There is no time limit to the duration of the treatment. It lasts as long as is necessary for you, whether shorter or longer term treatment is required. You can attend between one to three times per week and this frequency may vary throughout therapy. Although a start can be made with once a week therapeutic sessions, two sessions per week gives the therapy far more momentum to begin with. 

Please go through the documents and videos below. 

1. eisePsychotherapy: Informed Consent

2. eisePsychotherapy: Process of Psychotherapy

Video One: Informed Consent

Video Two: Process of Psychotherapy